Friday, October 13, 2017

Rope, Spanking and Energy

I was never a Rope enthusiast!  It was complicated, took too long and seemed as if there would never be an adequate way to tie it into my Spanking style.  Plus I have a linear learning disability that inhibits my ability to process and hold information.

I'd watch people doing rope and often times would yawn and walk the other way to my fave activity of spanking. I have a  lot of friends who were into Rope and they always tried talking it up to me.

A couple of chance opportunities opened my eyes to the possibilities of rope.  The first was when a friend asked me to accompany her to a Rope Social.  When we entered I recognized a few friends and began to watch fairly closely.

What I noticed right away was the energy between the Rigger and his partner.  The look of complete satisfaction and connection.  It was crystallized in a scene that I saw that between a friend of mine and her Partner.   He had her tie to a post her eyes blindfolded by rope.  He held about 6  feet of  rope from the tie in his hand and held it tight.  She was smiling and taking small shallow breaths.  She looked happy.  He then let go of the rope and you could see the change immediately.  She became agitated, her breath quickened and you could sense she was not at ease.

He then walked away from her  and picked up a single tail and cracked it.  At that point she burst into tears.  She was inconsolable.  He then walked over to her picked up the end of the rope and pulled it tight.  Instantaneously she  regained her composure.  To me that was magic.

I began to wondered  how could I get that effect with spanking.  I have gotten Women to subspace before but there was something about the energy exchange that I felt was heightened in a way I had not yet captured.  The one thing that I noticed was how consistent the energy flow was simply because of the constant contact between Rigger and Bottom.

I love Energy play but after watching Rope players I found some little tweaks that enhanced what I am able to accomplish through Spanking and Rope play combined.

I found if I start with a spanking we are able to find our space.  Just something to warm things up and start our connection.

This makes moving to the Rope part of our play much more fluid.  It allows for us to build upon touch and sensation.  I believe that for the two of us the more that we create a little bit of controlled emotional chaos the better things get. Finding ties that would allow for restraint and leaving the bottom exposed was essential for me to keep me engaged and focused.
Maximum exposure
Finding ties and unique positioning helps

I also found that if the Spanking progressed with the Rope we both maintain the energy we want simply due to the fact that we never feel we are giving up one to the exclusivity to the other. And if we went with something significantly more about constraint it lent itself to utilizing certain toys between the spaces.  But the Spanking or Impact play beforehand would have to be a touch more intense so the feelings remained as I tied.  A nice discovery along the way has been using the ends of the rope as I go along to flog certain areas generates interesting responses.

But in truth what I am learning to appreciate is that melding different styles of play together allows you so many other spaces to go to.  For me and I hope for my BabyGirl we get wrapped up in this energy cocoon where every part of us is engaged.

The intimacy of both Spanking and Rope lends themselves to explore feelings and sensations that leave you so much more connected.  When she is wrapped up it forces me to find different parts of her body that have their own erogenous qualities, the same as when I am spanking her I want to find different strokes or touch to guide us both to areas we may have never considered before. 

Don't get me wrong I am now and always will be a committed and enthusiastic Spanko...just with a few more tricks to pull out of my bag.  And I am certainly developing a love for the esthetics of a spanked bottom in Rope.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Sensual Spanking

For me the sensuality of spanking is all about the energy of touch.   I enjoy multiple levels and manners of touch while I am playing with my partner, Kitten.  The body is for all intentions one glorious nerve center that is stimulated by touch.

One of my favorite things to do is provide what I call the duality of sensations.  Creating choices for Kitten to choose to concentrate on has mutual benefits for both her and me.

Every caress, every slap…every shift of location, pacing, I hope creates a collection of emotions and reactions.  Establishing from the start where our minds and bodies can journey.  


 And yet the beauty is that all of it can change with no notice when it is all flowing organically.

When I have Kitten across my lap it allows for exploration.  The feel of the silk of her hair, her back, tracing along its length to the dip of the small of her back traveling along the rise of her amazing twin globes and down the backs of her legs skin and nerve endings meeting as the touch changes form light flutters to deep massaging or tender scratches.

Sensual spankings are my favorite to give because so much flows between both of us.  Of course there is so much to say about primal take your breath away play.  The kind that leave aggressive marks and colored bruising. 

Ahhh…but a sensual spanking provides memories that sometimes are tapped into days later as unexpected tender spots present themselves.   Think about that for a second…leaving the body, mind and spirit in a state you could create with all of the physical and emotional connectors you need to maintain wanton desire.   

stay still as you are
don’t move
breathe ever so
just lay
experience my
for a heartbeat
run your hands
across my
waiting skin
hungry to understand
remain silent
tell me your feelings
through your touch
for it never lies


Friday, September 15, 2017

You Know That Time...PUT YOUR TOYS AWAY DAMNIT!!!!

So, yesterday started like any other day, which is always a sign that trouble may be coming your way.  And man, did it ever!

It all started with a text notification from my Gas company about coming to investigate a leak followed by a frantic text from my Landlady that she needed me to get to my house because there was a massive leak.  So I bolted home from work expecting the worst.  You know, fire trucks and utility workers surrounding my home which undoubtedly had burst into flames!

Nope nothing like that but close.  There were several workers, an insurance adjuster and my Landlady all anxiously awaiting me.  I pulled up and the situation was explained that there was a possible water leak coming from my upstairs bathroom which was leaking water to my downstairs neighbors unit. And there was a gas leak coming from my garage  I thought quickly did I leave the water running in the sink and it overflowed, the idea but as I let them in I was thankful that I actually had just cleaned my bathroom the night before. Did I leave the stove on?  When went inside to investigate, no water left on and the stove was turned off, everything looked good.

The adjuster suggested that they check for dampness in the walls in the bathroom with a meter they had with them.  Positive test, they then asked could they check the bedrooms, which I said yes to. After we have to find the problem, right?

Bedroom/office no problem.  Then bedroom number two and as soon as I opened the door...
because, I had forgotten that I had all my toys out because I had been cleaning and conditioning them the night before.  For a minute I thought shut the door and ask for a minute.

I figured we're all adults so I stepped back and held the door open. And I knew this was what they were about to see.
My beloved toy bag!

I suppose you're starting to get the picture, right?  So they walk in and I swear I could hear a little gasp and chuckle. But I'm sure the first reaction was like...
One of the guys turned around looked at me and smiled and all I could do was give him a satisfied smirk and...

Meanwhile my Landlady is standing in the doorway looking in. I didn't look back at her but I'm sure she must have had this look on her face.

Too make a long story short.  Everyone who wasn't me did what they had to do and removed themselves from the room as I closed the door and just shook my head. I mean what are you going to do, right?

Then we checked the water heaters in the garage and found the gas problem and got it fixed. After everyone had left I stood in my driveway watching them all pull away. 

Thinking first of all, my house was OK, they were going to fix whatever was wrong but more importantly the lesson my Mother always drove into my head.  Make sure your home is always presentable and PUT YOUR STUFF AWAY!!!  Oh, and wear clean underwear.  Well the underwear was clean at least.  As to the other thing...all I can say is...

So, just curious...anyone else ever have a moment like this?

Monday, September 11, 2017


This day holds so much for all of us. I don’t know anyone that can’t recall what they were doing at that moment on this day.

I remember getting a call at around 6:30am PST from a member of my band who lived on the east coast asking if I was seeing what was going on.  I hadn’t yet turned on the TV.  He was hysterical over what was happening because he and 3 other members of our band and crew were supposed to be on Flight 93 that crashed in Stonycreek Township .  Just two days prior we actually had changed their flights to come out to three weeks later as we had pushed our rehearsal schedule for our tour back.  We used that flight every time we needed them to come to the west coast.  We never used it again.

I also received a call from another crew member who lived in New York that his wife was in a building directly across from the Towers and had left just 20 minutes before the first plane hit. 

There are so many people with stories of people who just missed being on planes or the Towers or the Pentagon that day or who knew someone who died in those terrible acts of terrorism. 

The Towers were always a landmark I had appreciated about New York.  Anytime we played venues in New York we stayed at the same hotel.  I booked the same suite which gave me a full view of the Towers.  To go back to that hotel just 2 months later and not have the visage of something that in some way connected me to the city never seemed right. 

We should never forget how small the world has become and that we are never as safe or immune to the kind of atrocities that so many other places in the world live with on a daily basis. 
Today is a day that we should all have carved a small space to think about the civilians, families, first responders and those that saved lives and to this day suffer the ill effects, both physical and emotional of that day.

Peace, love and remembrances.