Monday, September 11, 2017


This day holds so much for all of us. I don’t know anyone that can’t recall what they were doing at that moment on this day.

I remember getting a call at around 6:30am PST from a member of my band who lived on the east coast asking if I was seeing what was going on.  I hadn’t yet turned on the TV.  He was hysterical over what was happening because he and 3 other members of our band and crew were supposed to be on Flight 93 that crashed in Stonycreek Township .  Just two days prior we actually had changed their flights to come out to three weeks later as we had pushed our rehearsal schedule for our tour back.  We used that flight every time we needed them to come to the west coast.  We never used it again.

I also received a call from another crew member who lived in New York that his wife was in a building directly across from the Towers and had left just 20 minutes before the first plane hit. 

There are so many people with stories of people who just missed being on planes or the Towers or the Pentagon that day or who knew someone who died in those terrible acts of terrorism. 

The Towers were always a landmark I had appreciated about New York.  Anytime we played venues in New York we stayed at the same hotel.  I booked the same suite which gave me a full view of the Towers.  To go back to that hotel just 2 months later and not have the visage of something that in some way connected me to the city never seemed right. 

We should never forget how small the world has become and that we are never as safe or immune to the kind of atrocities that so many other places in the world live with on a daily basis. 
Today is a day that we should all have carved a small space to think about the civilians, families, first responders and those that saved lives and to this day suffer the ill effects, both physical and emotional of that day.

Peace, love and remembrances.

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