Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Sensual Spanking

For me the sensuality of spanking is all about the energy of touch.   I enjoy multiple levels and manners of touch while I am playing with my partner, Kitten.  The body is for all intentions one glorious nerve center that is stimulated by touch.

One of my favorite things to do is provide what I call the duality of sensations.  Creating choices for Kitten to choose to concentrate on has mutual benefits for both her and me.

Every caress, every slap…every shift of location, pacing, I hope creates a collection of emotions and reactions.  Establishing from the start where our minds and bodies can journey.  


 And yet the beauty is that all of it can change with no notice when it is all flowing organically.

When I have Kitten across my lap it allows for exploration.  The feel of the silk of her hair, her back, tracing along its length to the dip of the small of her back traveling along the rise of her amazing twin globes and down the backs of her legs skin and nerve endings meeting as the touch changes form light flutters to deep massaging or tender scratches.

Sensual spankings are my favorite to give because so much flows between both of us.  Of course there is so much to say about primal take your breath away play.  The kind that leave aggressive marks and colored bruising. 

Ahhh…but a sensual spanking provides memories that sometimes are tapped into days later as unexpected tender spots present themselves.   Think about that for a second…leaving the body, mind and spirit in a state you could create with all of the physical and emotional connectors you need to maintain wanton desire.   

stay still as you are
don’t move
breathe ever so
just lay
experience my
for a heartbeat
run your hands
across my
waiting skin
hungry to understand
remain silent
tell me your feelings
through your touch
for it never lies


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